1993 Founding of the Ichikawa Mitsuru Store Company, the predecessor company.
Development and sales of computer related equipment and software commences.
A retail location named “Amulet” opens at Sotokanda 1-chōme in Chiyoda ward, Tokyo.
1996 The headquarters is relocated to the current location, and the system integration business is launched.
2000 The company is renamed “Amulet, Inc.”
Development and sales rollout for the Japanese version of LinuxPPC, a Linux distribution operated on Macintosh.
2005 Release of “Slate Touch for Linux”, a touch panel PC operated with Linux.
2010 Release of “Intensive Server”, a failover cluster system.

The name “Amulet” comes from the role-playing game “Rogue” which was widely circulated on UNIX platforms in the 1980s. In this game the player acquires the “Amulet of Yendor” said to be hidden deep underground, and returns to the surface alive.
The name expresses our wish to function as an “amulet” for real-world computers by contributing to the creation of systems.