Business Overview

Business Policy

We know how important it is for our customers to be able to utilize information and knowledge infrastructure that provides efficiency, high-performance, and stability. That is why we provide data equipment and services that are in alignment with each customer’s scale of operation and business plans.

Our Customers

【Personal Customers】

Provision of data backup devices utilizing portable storage systems and RAID disks.

【Customers with IT Expertise】

Provision of IT environments that meet specific requirements for specialized use with customized computers, embedded devices, and configured services.

【Customers representing Information System Departments within Organizations】

Provision of specialized services include: infrastructure construction for cloud-enabled, virtualized, and clustered server networks; system monitoring and operation; and training of engineers.

【Customers with Specific Professional Specializations】

  • Film/broadcast-related customers
    Provision of digital recording media.
  • Higher education and research institution customers
    Provision of multipurpose servers that function as intellectual platforms.
    Provision of educational assistance tools such as E-Learning.