Working With Us

Thank you very much for your interest in Amulet, Inc. To learn about what we look for in our recruitment process, please read on.

At Amulet each individual has a passionate interest in the latest technology for computers and networks, and we constantly pour our thoughts into finding ways to make ourselves useful to the customer through the knowledge we each possess, in every task we perform. We value new experiences that stimulate growth, and proactively pursue such opportunities, for example by consistently attending overseas trade shows and domestic events held annually. We strive to be a small but highly-select collective of specialists who demonstrate authority in our respective fields of expertise.
Even if you feel you lack the necessary experience or knowledge, we provide extensive training so there is no cause for worry. If you love creating things, and are capable of feeling joy in that moment when the thing you created starts to move – or if it doesn’t move, you are able to ponder the question “why”, and never tire of tackling the challenge over and over– then we invite you to apply with us.

Contact:Takayuki Tamaki / Mitsuru Ichikawa, General Affairs Department

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